Tea Caffeine Removal

Here's a quick tip on tea caffeine removal that we learned from a Chinese herbalist many years ago. We can't guarantee that it has any affect on the caffeine content of your tea, but we notice the difference when we drink tea that hasn't been treated this way.

So if you love a cup of tea but are concerned about the adverse affects of caffeine on your body, here's something you can try and test for yourself.

tea caffeine removal 1 1. Place a teabag in a cup or mug.
tea caffeine removal 2 2. Pour enough boiling water into the cup to fully cover the tea bag. Let it steep for 60 seconds. According to Chinese herbalists, 98% of the caffeine is released into the hot water in the first minute.
tea caffeine removal 3 3. Pour off the caffeine-saturated water, squeezing the tea bag with a teaspoon to remove all of the liquid.
tea caffeine removal 4 4. Pour hot water over the wet tea bag and make your cup of tea as usual. If you drink weak to medium-strength tea, you can save the teabag and re-use it later in the day. You won't have to decaffeinate it a second time.

You can use this method in restaurants or in someone else's home if you don't mind the odd looks you may get from observers. Just ask for a dry tea bag and two tea cups. Decaffeinate the tea bag in the first cup. After 60 seconds squeeze it and place in the second cup, then pour in hot water.

Obviously this only works if you're given a dry tea bag and hot water in a cup or pot. Make sure you clarify this with your wait person when you order. You can even explain what you're doing and pass the word around.

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