Why Put Up With Chronic Pain When Pain Relief
Is Readily Available?

Judging from the volume of online searches each month, a vast number of us are suffering from some form of chronic pain. Tens of thousands of people log on to search for the following:

Headache relief
Migraine relief
Neck pain relief
Shoulder pain relief
Back pain relief
Chest pain relief
Rib pain relief
Arm pain relief
Elbow pain relief
Wrist pain relief
Hand pain relief
Joint pain relief
Stomach pain relief
Abdomen pain relief
Kidney pain relief
Hip pain relief
Pelvis pain relief
Leg pain relief
Knee pain relief
Foot pain relief

There doesn't seem to be one part of our anatomy that doesn't give us trouble at some point or another, with back pain being the most common complaint, followed by knees, chest and neck. There are smaller searches for eye, ear, jaw and tooth pain.

This site doesn't offer medical advice, except to say that the minute you experience any pain or discomfort, please see your health professional as quickly as possible. Too many of us are quick to dismiss these occurrences as trivial – or to accuse ourselves of 'overreacting' – when these are actually signals from our bodies that something is wrong. Hopefully it's something minor, but if it's not, you need to know so you can choose how to respond. So please, respect your body's early warning system enough to investigate.

Once you've seen your practitioner and determined the cause of your 'dis-ease', then you can decide how to proceed. If you've exhausted all of his or her suggestions and/or treatments and you're still left with residual pain or discomfort, there's a wealth of complementary approaches that have helped people in similar situations. Among the most popular are:

Body therapies
Magnetic therapy
Herbal remedies
Oriental medicine
Healing/Energy medicine

Over the coming months we'll add links to various sites that explore these options.

We've chosen back pain as our first topic because (a) it's so widespread and (b) we've had firsthand experience with the condition at various times in our lives. So if back pain is something you're dealing with at the moment, here's the link to our page on Back Pain Relief.

It's important that you consult with a qualified health professional before embarking on any new dietary or exercise regimen.

Gathering information online is fine for research purposes, but you need a real live professional to monitor your progress if you attempt to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. Unless you're a health professional yourself, you aren't equipped to objectively observe your body's responses to a new diet or exercise program. So whatever your chosen course of action, please be sure you enlist the support of a qualified professional.

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