The Top 8 Health Essentials

What are health essentials? You could define them as those bodily functions that are absolutely essential to sustaining life, but are so basic that we usually take them for granted.

In fact there are millions of these processes taking place in our bodies every second, activities that we pay little attention to because they occur automatically. We've narrowed them down to eight key areas because these are aspects of our bodies we can affect with our behavior, with often dramatic results.

Here are the eight key health essentials in order of importance:

1. Breathing

2. Water Intake (Hydration)

3. Nutrition

4. Detoxification

5. Exercise

6. Relaxation

7. Hormones

8. Aging
Whether you're suffering from an illness, feeling generally run down and not functioning at your best, or just aware that if you don't take charge of your health right now you'll pay a painfully high price in the (near) future, these areas are where small changes can pay huge dividends.

It's usually when we've lost our good health that we realize that life without it is so diminished. But you don't have to accept this passively. Take a few minutes to see how these eight key essentials can offer you a different future.

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It's important that you consult with a qualified health professional before embarking on any new dietary or exercise regimen.

Gathering information online is fine for research purposes, but you need a real live professional to monitor your progress if you attempt to make drastic changes to your lifestyle. Unless you're a health professional yourself, you aren't equipped to objectively observe your body's responses to a new diet or exercise program. So whatever your chosen course of action, please be sure you enlist the support of a qualified professional.

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