About Us

If you're curious about the people behind the 90-Day Health Makeover web site, here's a brief introduction to the team:

kath mandile Kath Mandile is a mother of four and grandmother of six whose life changed dramatically in her late 20s when a dietitian treated her for a severe toxic reaction to prescription drugs. From that point forward, Kath fed her family according to the principles of good nutrition, a practice she continues to this day.

Kath still works two days a week as a florist, tends her overabundant garden, reads novels voraciously, sews, redecorates, bakes a tasty scone, and is now tackling the Internet.

To read more of Kath's story, click here.

rita mandile Rita Mandile is a writer/researcher who initially learned the principles of nutrition from her mother, Kath. She spent many years studying the various aspects of alternative health, eventually compiling her knowledge into a popular class on the subject.

This web site is a natural follow-on from the class.